Step one to getting your phone Fixed

Sometimes, your mobile phone can trouble you at the most inappropriate times and it is hard to find a reliable source to fix them at the last moment. This is where we come to help. If your mobile phone or any other device such as iPod, iPad, tablets or even laptops of any brand is giving you any trouble or is acting up, just give us a call and we will be happy to help. We even provide phone and computer accessories such as computer parts and cellphone or tablet covers and protectors. Service quality and your satisfaction is our top priority!

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Lunch is on US

We understand that most people need their phones at all times and time is always short. So we will buy you a Slice of Pizza from our neighbor. So come over on your lunch break and get a slice of Pizza on us

Lunch is on US

Free Diagnostic

If your phone is acting up and does not work the way it did before, come up to us for a free diagnostic and we will tell you what’s wrong with it so you don't have to play the guessing game. After we tell you what kind of repair your phone needs, it is upto you to continue with the repair or not.

Three Months Warranty

Even though our repairs are authentic and you certainly will not experience any problem with it, we provide you with a 90 day warranty so your money does not go into waste. This warranty will be applicable to any of our store locations.

Lowest Prices In Area

We make sure that you don’t pay even a cent more than you should and therefore, we ensure that our prices are fair to our customers. Compare our prices with any other repair shop in your area and you will be surprised too!